white spots and floaters :)


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OK, so I have these white spots on some of my remaining snails. I took one out and used a tooth brush on the shell but they would not come off. I placed him back into the tank after a freshwater dip. I do not know what they are or if it is bad or not.
Any idea's ? I have been searching the net for white spots on reef snails and only came up with one thing on wet web. and it did not really go into it..
Second issue
I also have tons of stuff in the water column and on the glass now and I am guessing they are tiger pods. I put my hand in the tank touch it and they scurry away from my finger. I have not been able to take one out and when placing a magnifying glass up to it they are still too small to really tell what they are. I am in hopes they are good and not something bad any help would be great.
My rocks are coverfed with a lime green algae that is hard and can not be rubbed off it is not bubble algae so I am hoping this is the good stuff.