White Tips on acro


I just did a bunch of moving of rocks today and added another 15 lbs.. and some of the tips of my tri color turned white =( will it just grow over it? or should i clip it off? it was just growing a few new little heads too on those tips..
Also would u use a aquarmckzo 20k bulb never heard of it.. or a 10k ushio even though it wont look nice till i get a xm 20k or reeflux..


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it should make a comeback..but keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't continue to bleach, also watch out for algae...i would use the 10k ushio for now...im thinkin about changing back to my old 10k bulbs to get faster growth..Growth on a pheonix 14k sucks compared to my old current usa 10k bulb..