Who should i be mad at?


I ordered a CPR Bak Pak skimmer from my LFS four weeks ago and i should have gotten it three weeks ago. It was suppose to take 4-5 busniss days to get here but it hasn't so who should i be mad at the LFS or UPS ground for taking so long?


Well since you ordered it from your lfs and they haven't given it to you yet I would be mad at them. Then they should be on the phone to ups. HOpefully no money has exchanged hands and you can just go somewhere else.


no money has exchanged hands but i have no where else to go with my business(parents won't let me use the internet)


Find an online store and phone in the order using your Dads card.Not to take anything from here but if you can't phone in here try another place. Be mad at yourself because you could've had it by now. Not to mention,it might take some time to break-in.All that time wasted couldve been your break-in time. Sorry if I sound like Im coming down on you.Im really not trying to............................ Now get it in gear youngman!!!!:mad: LOL! ........Oh yeah if you want some sites to consider posts your e-mail because I cant post links to other stores here.I'll would be kinda rude.This being a store as well.


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id be mad at the lfs and ups cause they both should have figured it out i mean do you even know the lfs ordered it right away


they told me they ordered it last week so even if they ordered it last friday it should have been here by yesterday


If you placed your order in 3-4 weeks ago and still haven't gotten it then I would be upset with your lfs. Why? The same thing happen to me at 1 lfs. I was going in everyday and seeing if it has come and they would tell me no. After a week of going there they gave me the item like 50% off. Usually it is the lfs fault cause they forgot to place the order and sent it in really late like 2-3 weeks late. Trying going in and see if they have ordered it and when it should arrive. Then tell them that you are looking else where cause this item is takeing to long. If it is a good lfs they will usually cut you a deal or give you some store credit. I wouldn't be upset with UPS cause they have to get the order 1st before they can send it to ya.


OK here you go... Go back to the LFS, test their honesty. Reask if they did indeed order the skimmer, if they assure you that they did, then tell them you want to know who they ordered it from because you want the tracking number. If they hoo-haw around about it, then they lied. If they don't want to reveal their source, tell them that's OK... You want THEM to contact them, because you want that tracking #. If they provide it for you, then it may be the fault of UPS, if they can't or won't then I believe that I would hafta blame the LFS. My guess is the latter, UPS has a pretty good track record!!!!!
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