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el guapo

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I have noticed that there is often a lot of confusion about what are proper feeding procedures . One of the first things a new hobbiest faces is the proper feeding of their fish . Many times over we answer questions about what / how/ when to feed aggressive fish . Rather than keep answering and arguing the facts over and over . I think we should pool our knowlage and make a thread that can be sticky at the top of the forum or added to the archives . This will help new hobbiests to find good solid information with out all the chaos .
This project will have to have good solid knowlage in it as well as some good extended expierence with aggressive fish and feedings .Information must be valid and we should be able to back it up with facts , not opinion and emotions .
I think we should try to cover triggers ,puffers ,eels, groupers and wrasses.
Anybody willing to help out with this can contact me via PM's , so we can set up a network of emails and hammer out some good information.


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Good idea! But wouldn't there be so many variables that the final post would be pages long? Types of fish, tankmates, homemade vs store bought,are damsels food,honest disagreements,etc. Just a thought.


when i get new meat eaters i buy white shrimp. i get 250 and turn them lose in the the tank. then i get them off of them.


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good idea, I think most of the experienced aggressive keepers here would agree that fresh marine based foods are superior to commercially packaged fish foods, but both would need to be covered. I keep commercial frozen and pellet food to supplement my fishes fresh food diet.