Whos seen district 9?


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no spoilers please, I personally saw it twice already. Might go one last time before it is out of the theaters. Its definitely going into my blue ray collection.
If anyone wonders...its unlike any sci-fi ive ever seen, I suppose you could compare it to "V" or "alien nation", but honestly it only shares very basic plot ideas with those two movies.
A little gritty and grainy, but that was the whole intent, its shot very uniquely in a documentary style with the shaky hand held cam look. For any of you Battle Star Galactica fans, you will appreciate the camera work indeed.
For something totally new and off the beaten path, I would recommend this movie.
Not as an "OMG blockbuster of the summer!"

But rather, "Hey I wont be disappointed because I expect a descent movie."


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I just got home from watching it. the 9:55pm show is awesome because you pretty much have the whole theater to yourself :)
as for the movie......
it was good. good idea for a story. good special effects. BUT....it does NOT live up to the hype. sorry. all the "professional critics" gave it an average rating of A-. sorry, but it's just not an A grade movie. I'd say a solid B- maybe.
it was not like V really in anyway. in it's day, V was greatness. District 9 was more like a violent version of ET.
like I said, I liked it. but it's nothing I care about seeing again or buying on dvd. it came down to this and Inglourious Basterds which I also want to watch. I probably would've been happier watching Inglourious Basterds.


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Saw it last night as well. I personally thought it was a great movie and would definitely recommend it to any Sci-Fi buff. Can't wait for the sequel!


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if there is any mech warfare geeks out there...this movie is definatly for you...i saw the movie at midnight when it came out...it was a kick ass movie...


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I, uh, saw it.

Wasn't completely what I thought it was going to be, but I'd still give the film an 8 out of 10. Definitely recommendable IMO.
Pontius, watched Inglorious Basterds yesterday. Christ that's a long movie (2hr 32min), and if District 9 dragged in some points, IG wore the paint off the bottom of the haul. I think one scene at the bar went on for 30mins easy. I'd honestly give it a 7/10. A lot of people are saying the best since Pulp Fiction, but I really don't think so...
Interestingly enough, D-9 and IG almost made identical amounts the opening weekend. D-9 made $37.3mil and Basterds made $38.05mil.


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Originally Posted by AquaKnight
Interestingly enough, D-9 and IG almost made identical amounts the opening weekend. D-9 made $37.3mil and Basterds made $38.05mil.
maybe the lower then normal turnouts are due to the economy???


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Originally Posted by jtrzerocool
maybe the lower then normal turnouts are due to the economy???%%
Not sure. I think we might just be past the summer blockbusters. People are back to work/school and not going out as much. We might see a rise later into fall I'd guess.
There have been some monster movies, biggest one of the year has been Transformers 2, made 108mil opening and about 400mil to date. X-men Origins, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and even Fast and Furious, I kid you not, made over $70mil opening weekend, (Up made $68mil), so there are some success. Only 3 films, Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Indy Jones, made over $70mil opening in 2008.
And, yes, there will be a Fast and Furious 6
I saw it and thought it was amazing. 9/10 in my books. I cant wait for the sequel and it didn't seem like a long movie at all to me. What seemed like eternity to watch was that stupid GI Joe movie.