Whose Your Baby?


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Everyone has a favorite in their tank, i don't care what ya say. I am curious what's yours since I ca'nt get my d*mndigital camera to work... Go ahead, show off your babies...


dont have a pic, but it is my brown sugar tang, mine looks alot better then other bst's.


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wow, the last one is a true beauty... i really gotta find what's up with my camera so i can get some of mine out...

reef fool

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Forget the 6-line...This is my real baby
My daughter Courtney...5 years old going on 20! and tough as nails with two older brothers 11 & 7!


My baby is Heidi, my Great Dane. Yes, she is "sitting" on the couch with me. She throws here hind end up and put her front paws on the floor. :D

tahoe ocean

I know you want fish pics. but I don't have any
I do have favorites though-
Bobo The Clown!
Spider the CBS
Spider got his name because that is what my 2 year old thinks he looks like! The says it in a gruff little monster voice "Spiiiiiiiiida"
Here's the next best thing to my waterbabies:
My Kids- (or on bad days "land crabs":D :D)
Following is a pic of Matty and Natter and I are on the new members pic thread. Bob (hubby) doesn't like to be in pics so he won't let me post one.