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Hello everybody my name is joshua gould (www.gouldautomotive.com)..lol ok ne way i have a 120 gallon thats about 1year old i set this one up all by my self and none of my fish have gotten sick or died..ok the main reason is i have a ton of just plain big white blue and marronish coral (dead) so i could keep it bleached i whould love to start a reef tank i look at some of the other pics you guys have and there AMAZING
so the main things is i whould like to know how to start turning it into a reef tank
Equipment that i have:
Rena filstar xp3 with 1 foot long spray bar thats my filter i have plain white gravel and a very nice lighting system cant remeber the specific name ok then the fish that i have are, a singapore angel,yellow tang,4 zebra damsils,1 royal gramina,and a very BIG marron clown and a Black voilitan lion(on order the lion is). ok welcome to any replies thanx!


your first purchase would probably be a skimmer and a sump if you have room for one (you may alread have one, didn't see it listed).
do you have anything else in your tank for water flow, powerheads and the like?
what is your lighting setup?
the three big costs in the average reef tank:
live rock
good lighting
a good skimmer