Why does my clownfish have a ragged fin?


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Just this morning we discovered that our chocolate clownfish had a ragged fin. I have done some research, and I don't think it's sick and I haven't seen the clownfish fighting with my other clownfish. The clownfish that had the ragged fin is slightly bigger than the other one.

Here is some info on our tank:
65 gallon tank
about 40 pounds of live rock
we have:
1 starry blenny
1 matted filefish
6 dwarf orange and black hermit crabs
1 coral branded shrimp (it came with a parasite which we removed)
2 chocolate clownfish
1 snail
about 10 heads of polyp corals (which aren't doing well right now)

While I said I don't think that the fish is sick and that the other clownfish aren't fighting, it doesn't mean that it isn't a possibility.

Please answer soon!