Why I've been missing


Hey, A lot has been going on. My lfs has been needing some help in their fish department for some time, so they asked me on as the store manager. To tell you my back ground.... My father built three pet stores, hence the fish experience, and the other **** , too. When he sold the last, after ten years, I got out of the BIZ and went to work for SEA WORLD/DISCOVERY COVE. But I took on the management position the lfs offered. Now I have very close contacts for eventually getting my larger tank, so Custom may not be the way I'll go.
My shark eggs are doing great. I still check them twice a day, but now with a flashlight. The big one doesn't get to move too much, he's getting a little cramped. But I can definantly see him "gilling" so I know he's ok. The little one is moving all over.

I just got the cutest little juvenile NASO TANG. He even still has his baby colors. But he's eating great, no sign of hlle, or ick.

SO I'm losing some of my free time because of the new job. But in the last week there, I have greatly improved our salt, and the customers are noticing. And the care of the animals and the service to my customers is what's the most important. Wish me luck, and PLEASE don't be mad if I'm not responding right away, I'll try to get to my computer as often as possible....