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*You can always split it yourself

*Take a brand new razor or scissors
*Prepare a place with a towel and a large bowl of aquarium water.
*Get your gloves and take the coral out
*Split it right down the middle then take the peices and place them in the bowl of water for a couple minutes
*Take each piece and dunk it in and out of water to get off as much slime as you can then place it back in your tank in a good flow area.
*Be sure your coral is healthy and your water quality is good prior to doing this.
*Also if you do not have a skimmer running on high during this do a water change within an hour
Good luck


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i just got a new thought, if it split's or if i split it, then i will have 2 anemones that grow an inch in diameter every week... ive fragged almost all the coral ive ever had but ive never fragged an anemone b4, because ive always loved all mine to death and im scared of hurting them. <3
but i guess i will eventually do it... thanks for the instructions! i didnt know how to do it!