Will red legged hermits eat pods and bugs and critters in fuge?


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Wondering. Because I'm about to order a clean up crew for my 55gallon fuge. And I'm curious whether red leg hermits will decrease the "breeding capacity" of the detrivores. :cool:

bang guy

But how big is your 55 gallon fuge?? :p
A hungry Hermit will eat whatever it can find.
If you're referring to Scarlet Hermits I don't think they're a good fit. I believe they prefer rocks and don't cruise around well on sand.
If you feed hermits they tend to occupy their time in other... more productive ways.


For a fuge clean up crew I would only go with Pods, worms, mini brittle stars, and some snails. Hermits are oportunistic eaters and will go after anything if they are hungry and the last thing you want to be doing is feeding your fuge (that is the tanks job) to keep them from getting too hungry.


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Ahhh... bang... yes... that's what I meant. Scarlets. I have em in my display, and they don't hassle anything, which is good. But, if they have even the potential of feeding on my fuge critters, I'm not risking it. I will just let the critters do the job, but add some snails as backup. Plus, I hear snails may breed in a fuge. To the point the offspring survive.
Thanks bang, hondo. Good stuff. 'preciate it. :cool: