will the clone fit?

will a seaclone 150 fit on a 75g? it says its 25" tall (top of cup to base). my tank is 20.25" from stand to top of rim. cutting it close i know
. lets say my tank is a 1/2 to short, because of the design of the hanger, wouldnt it(base of the clone) just sit on the stand and the hanger go into the tank anyway??? i have about 3 1/2" of stand behind tank. im still looking into the sump idea but i would proubly start out with this for now anyway and upgrade later (years from now when i upgrade tank)


It will fit...I had one on my 54G....it hangs on the outside, so the actual length should not be a big issue...


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Mine fit in the trash.
Be careful of them overflowing the cup and spilling outside of your tank -- they can be hard to dial in... and then are still not reliable to stay dialed in.
I personally wouldn't run any HOB skimmer for this reason but some people have better luck than I do with it. I just know how mad my wife would be to see skimmate on the carpet though too.


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I feel the need to chime in regarding this as well. I had the same problem with the seaclone overflowing the cup...a number of times, gave it every chance I could, but I would come home from work to a soaked carpet for no reason

The skimmer I have now is a HOB CPR bakpak, the best I've run...and believe me I've run a LOT of skimmers in my sw career!!

Some folks have great luck with the seaclones...I just couldn't count on it on my tank.
Best of luck with yours.