will this skimmer fit in my sump?

I have a sump on order. Its 29 gallons with dimensions of 30w x 12.5d x 17h. The following are the specs for the skimmer. Will it fit?

  • Reef Octopus® 6" Pinwheel Skimmer

  • Dimensions: 12" x 8.5" x 22.13"

  • Rated up to 150 gallons.
    Powered by 1 OTP 2000 pump at 500 gph
    High performance venturi air injection system


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You need to find out how big the skimmer chamber is on your new sump. If it is divided into thirds, then it should be 10"x12.5". It would be a tight fit but it should. That is only IF the skimmer chamber of the sump is exactly 1/3 of the length of the sump (you also need to take into account the width of the baffles).
Can you pull specs of the sump and double check??


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Originally Posted by is250sp http:///t/391755/will-this-skimmer-fit-in-my-sump#post_3476044
the chamber sizes are 6" on each end, and 12" in the middle
Then it should fit in the middle chamber. You can google that skimmer and find out what the optimal water height is for it to run best (8" or like 9" of water). See if the sump you ordered is about that height for the middle chamber. You can always use eggcrate or something like that to boost up the skimmer if needed.
Is the sump designed to have a skimmer in the middle chamber?? If not, you might need to check out a skimmer who's footprint fits the first chamber. Do you have pic of the sump? I am sure there are others on here that can give advise as well.
The place where I ordered the sump contacted me and said the following. I am a newbie and dont even know where to start on a sketch to accomodate this skimmer. Can someone help me?
"You need to send us a sketch of where you want the dividers put to accomodate your skimmer.
We'll build to suit.
That way it's your responsibility to design the sump to fit your skimmer - not ours.
Send paper sketch as attachment."


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Send a Mod a PM to see if they can move this thread into the Lighting, Equipment, and DIY section. You will get more views and some more help from the Experts. If you have the option to design your sump and then they make it, there should be lot of folks to help. My sump goes like this:
Skimmer chamber>> Fuge section >> Return pump section.
Each section is a bit lower then the last, so water flows from the skimmer chamber on down to the return pump. There are lots of ways to do this and you will get 10 different opinions on how its done.
Have you thought about making the sump yourself?? DIY can save a ton of $$. Its not that hard!! HTH's
Thanks Meowzer....
The place emailed me back and said that the skimmer will fit in center of sump, but is it supposed to be in the middle? I am doing more research and see that many folks have it on the end. I am doing FOWLR so where's the most effective place to have the skimmer?


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The end would be most efficient!!!! Either way it'll be a tight squeeze from the dimensions you listed. Theoretically the sump doesn't step down for water to travel as mentioned.
You typically have an input section where water enters the sump and then the skimmer comparent with baffles that set the water depth for the skimmer. The far baffle in the skimmer chamber will the let water overflow into the return section.
If a company is custom building they should be doing the advising!!!