Wondering about an octopus in reef tank

Hi, I am starting a 50 gallon reef tank, and I was wondering if an octopus would be good? or would they eat fish and the coral?... If not an octopus, would a leopard eel be good? Please help :eek: :eek: :eek:


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An octopus wouldn't be a good choice for a reef tank. Yes they would try to eat your fish not to mention they will rearrange the tank as they see fit and there would be no fixing it there subborn about having it there way. Eel's anrn't at the top of the list as a good choice for reef tanks either but there are a few reefers who do it.
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Dan, thanks for telling me... I am glad I didn't make a bad choice today then by buying one... Also i planed ony buying a blue something octopus... I heard it was poisonous too... Would an eel go with a shark... and What kind of eel would would go good with what kind of shark ... Thanks again for the advice about the octopus!! :) :cool: :) :p


An octopus would hunt and eat all the fish and critters in your tank, probably within te first night. After rearranging the rock to suit it's wants, it would then look to escape the tank through whatever opening you might have. Needless to say, if successful in the escape, it'd end up dead on the floor, if not found soon. Better to keep these seperate and in a totally enclosed tank.
I would suggest doing a whole lot more research before you start your tank. There are a lot of good books that tell you what kinds of fish are good with what, and what kind of sharks, eels, etc. are good to keep. I have a great book I got from my lfs called Marine Fishes and it has helped me out a great deal. Just remember to be patient, because it takes a while to get experienced and be knowledgeable about this hobby. I have found that the more you research and read about the hobby the better. I wish you luck. :D
Thanks Damsel, I am not new to fish keeping... just new with marine tanks. I have brackishwater tanks and freshwater tanks. I have leopard puffers to black ghost knifes. I just recently decided to start 2 saltwater tanks. One for reef & fish & inverts and the other for sharks and eels. I really like how marine aquaria folk are friendly... Most freshies are different... Thanks again!! :D :cool: :D
If you don't mind me asking, what is brackish water tanks? I know about saltwater reef tanks but that is about it. lol I agree with you, most of people on here are very friendly and helpful! :D
Damsel, Brackish water tanks are in between a freshwater and a saltwater tank... It is basically a freshwater tank with a lot of salt in it. They are decorated as freshwater, but most fish look saltwater... My favorite brackishwater fish are leopard puffers. They are a smaller version of the saltwater puffer... My largest puffer is 3 1/2 inches. I also have brackishwater catfish which are see through and AKA known as glass cats. Anymore question please post!! :D :) :D :) :D
Brackish water tanks sound interesting. Do you have any pics of your tank? I am interested in seeing what your puffer looks like. How long have you had your tank set up? :D


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You will soon find that brackish and a marine reef tank are very different animals. Welcome to the board and have fun.