Worst Smells


By far the worst smell to me was my dead feather duster! It has been a week since I removed him and I swear I can still smell it! Yuck!



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The day I went to drink my iced tea,and it smelled like fish food:eek: It was from the ice...and frozen fish food in the freezer..Ewwww

I hear it's just that kinda stuff that breaks up marriages:rolleyes:
LOL still!


About 5 years ago I had a sponge in a tank that when sour and everthing thing just died in about 3 days. (a horible long story don't ask) The sponge had been in the tank for like a week after I had though that I had gotten everything out. It had absorbed all the smells from all the dead and dieing stuff in the tank. It was a foot long and about a 1.5" in diameter. It smelled like what it looked like only worse.:scared:


I forgot a 1/2 bucket of grape caulerpa from trimming back the refugium. It was in the basement corner for about 2 weeks(don't ask). I rarely go down there, then when I did, I almost gagged. oops! Wife was not impressed.


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Not very many other hobbies that you can talk about the worst thing they've smelled in the hobby. :D Anyway, its all about experience...the worst thing I've smelled is a dead mexican turbo snail, but the dieoff of the 3 tanks sounds pretty bad. Maybe we could make a stinkbomb out of some of this stuff. Essence of Escargo
Diabolicle Die-off
Skimmate by Este Lauder...hehe