would 2 fish be ok?


trying to get a mated pair of bangaii cards. i had 3 in my breeder tank. all males one was killed and i moved the smallest of the 2 remaining to my 10 gal reef tank. if i try to get 2 females. could i put a second in the 10 gal or would that be too many fish. it is a 10 gal w/5 gallon sump and only frags. the bangaii in there now is only 1-1 1/2in. if not i will put them in my display.

bang guy

IMO a 10 is too small for a pair of Banggai.
Also, having 2 males in your display is probably a bad idea.


actually i have 1 card. in my 29 gal that i am going to use for breeding.
and 1 card. in my 10 gal nano reef. both are males and were in the same tank until i moved the smaller of the 2 into the nano. i do not have any in my display.
i will keep only on in my nano then.
thanks for the advise bang guy