would this light work


for corals
Nova Extreme 36" 4x39w T5 Light
Lamps: 2x39w 10000k & 2x39w 460nm actinic
Moonlights: 3 Moon White
Independent Control: Yes
Fan Cooled: Yes
Total Watts: 156
Total Amps: 1.34


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36 x 12 x 22 = 40 gallon
Just my opinion but No it wont. To small of a light for that size tank if you want corals.
Sure some will say its great for softies, or zoanthids ect but odds are you will just never be happy if your looking to start anything in the reef area.


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Yeah, the regular nova extreme won't cut it. The 5-bulb Aquactinics TX5, the six-bulb TEK, or Nova Extreme PRO would allow you to keep whatever you wanted.


At 4 watts per gallon and T5 lighting is awsome, you can keep all softies, zoas, shrooms, and some LPS.
1 of my 5 tanks is a 58 gal. I have shrooms, zoas, frogspawn, kenya tree, clam and a green monti cap under a 36 inch fixture with 2 x 96 watt bulbs. all is well and happy.


thank you
well lets hope some one has one for sale as i just priced the nova pro wow
i would not beable to get this item new thats for sure