wow so besides the looks what additional fuctionality is there?


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It's a little weird. That you have to select "advanced" just to get smileys is odd.
As a marketing observation, while the new colors are nicely neutral, the old ones were more aesthetically appealing, IMO.
Nature of the net, I guess. Whether it's needed or not, it must be updated.


I can't seem to click in my profile the link that shows all post's started by yourself... it just says there are none...anyone else have this issue ?


Can anyone help me out......IDK where the new posts went to....and it will not let me post a new thread...when I try to I get a blank page....WHATS GOING ON


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Originally Posted by meowzer
They were there one minute.....and gone the next.....AND WHY Can't I start a new thread??????????????
Go to the section, click "Forum Tools" and then "Start New Thread." Hopefully they will make it easier to navigate in the future.


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I definitely like the look better. Its easier on the eyes. However, I've not been able to bring up Advanced Post. Is everyone else able to?
I like the spellcheck feature.