WTB: Berghia Nudibranch


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I need about 10 of them for my tank....I am done treating with Joe's Juice. Everytime I spend 4-5 hours going through the entire tank taking them out, flipping over rocks, etc....and they come back within 2 weeks. I have had as many as 15 peppermint shrimp in my 60g, but never saw a change in aiptaisa.
I am sick of them and want them gone for good!!!
Please let me know if you have any with a price shipped to 80538


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If you are still needing berghia, we have plenty ready to go and are just over in utah.
Let me know


I would be interested also...same problem just cant totally get rid of those pests.....please pm me about them too


My fish store told me that are two kinds of peppermint shrimp,the one kind will eat aptesia an the other kind will not?
the ones that were sold to me did eat all of them in my tank plus my little white feather dusters:( ? has anyone else been told this? and my tank had a lot of the some were real big.


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I put 3 in mine and the count is definitely down in the past week. I am still juicing any large ones, but I think the tiny ones are disappearing in the night. Fingers crossed...


Yes, my shrimp ate the small one's first, then they all must of ganged up on the big ones. I still have one shrimp left, the other 2 died, but, still no Aptesia's an it's been at least 5 months now.