wtb or wtt for 125 to 180 rr tank


I am looking to buy or trade for a 125 to 180 rr tank in the maryland, delaware,philly area. i have a 58 oceanic with canopy and stand rr with 4 pc 65w lights and wet dry sump. also have a 46 bow front stand and single top light. if you are looking to down size i'm looking to up size. or if you have a tank cheap, my wife has given me the green light to move up. i also have LR to trade as well. thanks


I have a 135 to get rid of and I am looking for a smaller but it seems you are to far away.


I have a 6' 125 rr. I dont have a stand for it because the person I got it from had it mounted in a wall and gave me the bracing and supports legs for it as well. I ended up getting a 150 instead. I live about 15 min from philly-- Near Rowan state college.


I am in Chester County Pa, about a half hour from where you are.
I have a 150 pre drilled and fully equiped tank.
If your interested please PM me, I can't figure out how


well still havent closed a deal yet and my wife tells me i can go bigger. up to 220 so i may have this lined up but not sure. however she thinks the 125 is too small lol got to love this woman. lets try 150 and up. Close to MD,DE,philly would be nice. i do have to get a smaller dinning room set though lol that was one requirement from her.