Wtb Pods


I also need pods really bad...
I keep trying to start a thread just to get directed to someone who might be selling, but it keeps on getting closed by admin. I really don't understand why. Is not like I'm tring to sell anything.


Pods are sort of hard to catch and ship because of their size, I hope someone can help you. Also some good cheato is normally guaranteed to have some Pods living in it. See if you can find anyone selling Cheato.


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This site (saltwaterfish.com) used to sell containers of pods. You can also do a search on google for "Reef Pods". It's a branded batch of copepods that a lot of suppliers carry. You likely won't find anyone on here that can sell you copepods.

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I just bought a CUC, colt coral, and some pods from SWF.com. So yes you can get them on this site. Good luck !!