WTT for zoas and/or acro frags, local PA preferrably


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I have a bunch of monti-caps to offer up for trade (need to thin them out a bit). There are 2 different kinds, one can be broken down in to several frags but the other I'd like to trade fairly whole. One is a brownish/dark green and the other is neon orange. I'm looking for any colorful zoa (fire and ice would rock, but anything bright), or maybe some small acro frags. I'd prefer to do this locally with someone in PA if at all possible because I don't have heat packs for shipping.....
Pics below (sorry the quality of the pics sucks so bad).
Orange (want to keep this whole for trade):

Brownish-green (an example of one of the frags, it's about 2 inches):

PM or post if you're interested. Thanks!


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Originally Posted by baloo6969
got purple and red mushrooms....
in berwick, could meet around pottsvill/mt carmel...that's about halfway.
Thanks for the offer, but I already have my fill of mushrooms. I'm actually trying to kill them in my tank.

Do you have any zoas or acros? I'm trying to get my tank to a point where there's only SPS, LPS, and zoanthids.