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I am thinking of adding some xenia into my fuge for nitrate export...I have a 13 watt pc light over one of those cpr hang on refuges--do you think it will grow under that? It is only a few inches off the surface of the water. Will 24/7 lighting mess the coral up? How has this worked for people? Thanks.


Yeah I think they are the only coral(or at least that I have heard of) that help with nitrate problems.
Im not sure if that will be enough lighting...IMO, I wouldnt put it under that. I have no idea bout 24/7 lighting...so hopefully someone else can chime in.

nm reef

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I've heard of xenia being used for nutrient export but normally in large refugiums on a reverse lighting schedule. I wouldn't think a hang on would be large enough for xenia to thrive and the 24/7 lighting may not be good for them.Just my opinion though...maybe somebody that actually uses xenia for nutrient export will comment.


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There are a couple of ways of doing it, one is to set up a refugium specifically for the xenia, or just put it in your display in an easy area to remove. I know a couple of people who just remove it from display as a means of nutrient export.

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ALmost all corals can potentially lower Nitrate. The deal is most of them grow too slow to export significant quantities.
Xenia requires less space than algae but a LOT more light to grow fast. That makes it a more expensive nitrate removal tool but it should be very good for the space impared. I would not suggest 24/7 lighting though. 10 - 12 hours max IMO.