XPort P04 cubes:

I use xport cubes in a reactor chamber in the sump for my 65 gallon reef tank. I recently had to add about 50% more cubes because I was noticing more algae on the walls and sand toward the end of the day (cleaner crew does a good job at night). It is back under control, but was curious as to how often these cubes should be replaced and if I can change all of them at once, or if I need to only change like half at a time? I would love to get a santa monico surf algae scrubber, but my wife has set a moratorium on any large purchases for the tank for a while :(


Staff member
I don't think they are to be replaced. Check the instructions on the cubes and do what it suggests. Looks like it works best with the Microbacter 7. The two should be used together.