ya know what sucks?


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...losing the first fish that went in your tank. :(
"violet", my purple tang died yesterday for reasons unknown to me.
She was added to my tank 7 months ago after the cycle. She stopped eating friday afternoon, saturday morning she was dead...never showed any sign of disease and all the other fish are fine. :confused:
She would actually swim to the glass and follow you from end to end of the tank once she saw you come in the room. Such a great personality, the tank won't be the same without her.


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I had a Yellow Tang do the same thing - fine one day - gone the next.. one of my first fish..
sorry to hear it..

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I feel for ya...I recently lost the coral beauty I had for about 3 years. It was the first addition after my 55 cycled(other than the damsels used to initiate the cycle)...I had grown very attached it her and was devastated when it died.