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Iv'e been thinking about getting a 90gal after the new year and using my 55gal as a sump/refugium, but as luck stepped my way for once, my brother told me today he's getting out of the hobby and want's to give me his tank. For free! I said no but he insists. It's a 100gal :eek: :cool: :p
Well anyway, question. Their is no reef setup in the tank. So should I try to have this drilled? How big and where? The bottom or the back side? Or just make an overflow myself.

mr . salty

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I wouldn't reccomend making an overflow,or drilling a glass tank.To many problems in making an overflow,even though they look simple.Save yourself the frustration,and flooding and just buy one.And drilling a glass tank can be a disaster.And expensive to have it done(if you can even find someone to do it for you...)


I just use the plastic surface skimmers that come with wet/dry's. You can find these from $50 to $100 depending on who you buy from. This keeps the tank in tact just in case you want to trade it in later, or sell it to someone else. Good Luck on the new tank.