yellow tang and sailin tang slight fighting

well i have a 125 gallon tang and i have had a yellow tang for probly 3 months and i just added a sailfin tang and the are like dancing/fighting and is there a way to calm them? need help fast i love them both and dont want either of them to die?

bang guy

Having two Zebrasoma Tangs in a 6' tank will typically result in posturing.
IMO that tank is too small for the Sailfin, fine for the Yellow though.


You should take the yellow tang out of the tank for appx 2 weeks, move the rocks around in the DT then put the yellow tang back in....

pastor b.

Dear hobbyist, tangs of the same shape will normally spar with each other. What you can do is add more lr,or take out the yellow tang, move things around,then reintroduce the yellow tang .
Enjoy the hobby.


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the yellow tang will kill the sailfin if it is much bigger. sailfin doesnt stand a chance especially if introduced afterward. the 1st few days r important. if the sailfin can hold its own during this time, then they will do fine.