Yellow Tang pulling feather duster out of tube.


Hello Salt Water Fish people
First posting. Has anyone ever heard of a yellow tang pulling a feather duster out of its tube. I have been told that you can actually take the feathers and place them back in the tube. The feather duster has grown back but my tang is still in the tank any feedback would be great.


I've got a yellow tang and he has not touched any of my feather dusters. They constantly need something to pick at....kinda like a dog needs something to chew. Mine tears up Romaine Lettuce like crazy. I bet it goes through 3 big pieces of Romaine a week. I have lots of feather dusters and I don't think he has messed with one yet. Have never heard about putting a feather duster back in his tube though.
Give him some Romaine and see if that helps.....great fish!


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I keep a piece of deaweed ( i buy the sheets of it ) on a clip in the tank, keeps mine happy. Goodluck, i would hate to see ya loose the feather duster.