You pick the Fish!


Ok, I have no LR, no LS, but may get LS. CC substrate with some decorative coral. 46 bow tank, current fish are, firefish,2 coral cat,jawfish,algae blenny,and some little quarter inch cleaner goby or something and of course some hermit crabs. I returned the dottyback for a 50% credit(had him like 3 months) I loved him but he was killing everyone!
Anyway, I would like a peaceful fish who is active and will come to the top when I open the hood to feed. A curious type fish who wont eat anyone. The dottyback was perfect except the eat anyone part. I also want a fish who wont get over 4 inches long. I like fish that swim in and out of crevices...
also, At some point I will be getting either another firefish or a yellow goby or a flame hawk.
So any suggestions on another fish? You pick em, I buy em!
A nice tang, or angel would do nice, but come of those fish may get to big. So, you'd hafe to get a bigger fish, or get rid of your fish, when it grows up.


>:| Unlike the previous poster, I would never suggest a tang for a 46g - they need swimming room 4' tank or longer.
If I were you I would invest in live rock. You will need it to keep any of the pygmy angels. And forget about any of the regular angels, they get way to big.
What about a Marine Betta - they are a really nice fish and good looking. Or a six-line wrasse - very active.


i lke clowns or 6 line wrasse is a nice fish i would not get hawk fish thay arelike dottybacks you will be sorry my hawk kill almost every thing in my 125 gal tank and i was about done buying fish i was maxed out my hawk fish lives in the sump now i didnt have time to bring him back


A six line wrasse will defintley swim in and out of all dead coral, but won't really come to the top of the tank when feeding time, they like to wait till it sinks and then eat the smallest pieces, they have very small mouths. I would also suggest a royal gramma, seems to have all the qualities you are looking for, doesn't swim that much through the coral,like the six line, but is peaceful, and swims to the top for food and is always visible in the tank.


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i would suggest some lr. it makes the tank look lots better, and you can get pygmy angels when you have it. six lines are neat fish. another good fish for that tank might be a couple of clowns. i know the coral cats are cute now, but they will get real big. in a while you will nead to take them back, maybe you can trade them for lr. grammas are cool, but can be very territorial. hawks are also cool, but they can be a pain sometimes. hth bo


I agree with the posters that recommended live rock and sand. I also agree that a Royal Gramma would be nice and they stay under 3"...they won't attack unless they are defending their hiding spot. At least that is what mine does. I would stay away from the Flame a search here and you will see why. Also i didn't listen to one of the members here when i first started when he recommended that i would stay away from any angels until my tank was at least 6 months mature...flame angel lesson :*(


Gotta agree with the suggestions to get some LR or LS in that tank... if you don't like the looks of it, put it in your sump.
WRT fish choices... royal gramma or a pair of percula clowns seem like they would be good additions. Flame angel is very pretty but not hardy. Without LR it's going to be tough to keep any pygmy angels happy for long.


There are a ton of fish you could put into you tank, I have two smaller tanks and a couple of the fish I have would work real well in your tank, a royal grammas, six line and some kink of pygmy angle, I have a fisheri, but a flame back is real nice, all these fish like to swim in and out of the rocks. Good Luck


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flame back is a pygmy angel. its scientific name is Centropyge acanthops. they are a very small species, only growing to around 3". look much like Centropyge argi, but instead of having the yellow under the throat area, it runs from their head down the whole length of their body. they are a reef safe angel. they will feed on rgular angel foods. hth, bo


I'd put in a Coral Beauty because they have remarkable color and they are very active and very hardy fish! Mine regularly moves thorughout the tank, both out in the open and through the coral and it is a very peaceful fish too. Also, they coral beauty if available at fairly reasonable prices. I would really recommend this fish for your aquarium.