your 75 gallons

fish boy

your 75 gallons
i have been thinking alot about what to put in my 75 gallon and i cant decide what i want so i want ideas. so can you post you 75 gallon tank with what you have in it and a picture if you have one. thanks

aquarius 1

75 gallon f/o - no liverock
Orange-Shoulder Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Singapore Angel
Maculosus Angel
Picasso Trigger
75 Gallon f/o - no liverock
Hippo Tang
KOran Angel
Niger Trigger
Soon to be a Powder Brown
I'll try to get some picture in a few days....


115#'s lr,dsb
yellow tang
3 yellow damsels
1 male mandarin
lawnmower blenny
tomato clown
diadema gramma
I also have a bunch of mushrooms, inverts, and macroalgae.
It has a ten gallon refuge and a ten gallon sump.


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Kole Tang
Maroon Clown
True Clown
False Clown
Snowflake Eel
Orange Linkia
Scooter Blenny
Cleaner Shrimp


90ish lbs lr
4" dsb
Sebae Clown
6 line wrasse
Kole Tang whos hopefully gonna recover in the QT tank
waiting till hes better etc to add anything else


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Aquarius1- It blows me away every time I see what you cram into a 75g tank. An injustice to the hobby and the fish. It also is terriblle that you actuallt defend it and as a result encourage others to do the same. This hobby won't be around much longer if we keep up with this type of behavior.
Hmm right now I have 2 :) The 75 aggressive has a picasso trigger , red corris and a fimbriated eel. 90 lbs LR and a 4" dsb.
My 75 reef : 110+lbs LR and a 3" dsb kole tang, fire fish, banded goby, silver cardinal and a PJ cardinal. Alond with some leather corals a torch, trumpet corals, a flower anemone and a number of inverts.


Yellow Tang
Regal Tang
Naso Tang
2 True Percs
Coral Beauty
Banded Coral
Blood Shrimp
Serpent Star
50 blue legs
25 turbo snails


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Aquarius 1- Back in December you posted that you were planning on upgrading as soon as you had the money???It seems like instead you have decided to spend the money on continuing to buy more fish that you don't have room for, powder brown is the latest injustice. What's up w/ this? What's the status of upgrade? You need to take a step back and evaluate whether you are truly serious about captive fish life longevity. If not, try another hobby.

aquarius 1

flamehawk - are you keeping personal records of every single post I've ever written? If so, please stop because there's no need for it. It's absolutely pathetic. The money that would have been used for my tank actually went towards the more important purchase of a new car. On the other hand, my uncle has a 150 gallon f/o tank in which he only has an emperor angel, a yellow tang, and a hippo tang. When the time does come, when one of my fish does happen to outgrow the tanks, then it will simply be placed in the 150. That's how he got the hippo. Why are you so intent on burning me? My father, my uncle and myself have kept saltwater fish for well over 20 years and all with excellent success. I know my limits wihtin the hobby and I would appreciate it if you would please just back off on it. I thought this was a board that was meant for informative discussion between hobbyists? This is the last place that a person should receive criticism like this. If you want to go preaching your animal rights, call the people at Seaworld and complain about Shamu's tank, just don't blow up on people for their tanks.


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I certainly have better things to do w/ my time then monitor your past posts. That would be quite pathetic.. although not anymore so than keeping all thoses fish in a 75. For the record, I actually remember the post so I referred to it. In any event I don't consider myself an animal activists. Your case is just to obvious to ignore. Shamu may be an injustice but that doesn't make your injustice any less important.
This doesn't need to get anymore heated or personal. I've said what I had to say and you have said what you had to say. We have different views and just like anyone who feels strongly about something , I expressed mine. Perhaps it will be of good influence to all who read it, perhaps not.
This is an open forum to express opinions about the hobby and make suggestions and recommendations about the how best to care for and provide a LONG healthy life to the to the creatures we keep in captivity. I'm not intent on "burning you" but I do significantly disagree with you and hope others don't follow your lead.
I'm moving on. I wish you and the fish you keep much luck.


To be honest, I too don't need someone telling me that my tank is overpopulated. The person that I trust more than anyone in this hobby has worked in or owned her own LFS for the last 20+ years shop and has nothing but the best intentions for my tanks. Unlike 99.9% of the "experts" that usually chime in about something with someones tank, she has seen and actually helped build mine. Also, before anyone tells another user that they "think" their tank is overpopulated, keep in mind:
1. There are people out there that know more than some of the "experts" that usually, as they call it, "just add their opinion or observations" or as I call it flaming.
2. That person that knows more, could be the one that I confer with about my tanks
I am not trying to get on a rant but if people are so worried about overcrowding in tanks, no quarantine tanks, Chemical levels too high/too low, etc. Set the example and return your fish, break down your tank and refuse to keep fish in anything that isn't their natural environment.
Although I know that I am not being a "happy hobbyist" I feel that if I don't say anything I am just as guilty as the people that have admitted lying about their number of fish, actual chemical levels, etc. so that they don't get slammed by "experts" when they ask a question. Having your opinion is one thing, thrusting it on someone that didn't ask is trespassing.
Sorry FishBoy, didn't mean to take up your original post.


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well said rich and aquaris. Flamehawk, I think u need to chill. There was no need for that at all. However, as much as I hate to do this aquaris I kind of agree ur tank is a bit overcrowded but if it is working good for u, no GREAT for u (if that makes sense) but seriously flamehawk, chill a bit. That was a little uncalled for.


GOOD for you rich and aqurist, im glad to see someone finally said something. Im so tired of poeple that give no advice the original post, but flame poeple who do because he/she thanks that someone else's tank over populated. I think your tank looks beautiful Rich.
But back to the original post, it really depends on if you wanna go reef or fish only. I alway like to get community fish, i have an aggressive tank and its so hard to keep inverts and a clean up crew there for it get a little dirty from time to time. My 46 is a reef, my 125 is community FOWLR and my 55 is aggressive FOWLR.


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i personally believe in conservative stocking
I feel that the bioload is definitely something ot consider
I also think taht large fish should have room to be happy and have debated both issues many times
QIUTE extensivley, too I might add
but, in this thread, I feel enough has been said already, all that I can do is agree
the tank, being up for over a year, looks great, but if I had to guess, I am guessing that all those fish are merely half grown, if that.
Who knows what the future holds for those fishes.
Aq, you seem quite adamant to say taht those fish are fine together and will be. Your point seems slightly valid, with the exception of the fact that:
You do already apparently know that they are not fine, and will need a different home in the futre. And have made and executed these plans. How can you admittedly say they are moved or will be moving and have plans to do so. AND continue to say they are and will be fine, knowing you are ready for it.,
You are swearing and advising one thing but doing the opposite yourself. Don't instigate an arguement, you do not intend to back. Just saying you believe and will argue it, but not follow it, sounds like trolling
falmehawk, although I agree with you and do not find yours to be nearly as offensive as some I may have wrote, we realy do need to tone down a little.
I PERSONALLY WILL NOT ADIVSE IT, but it is your tank.......
No one ever complained about haveing more room themselves, and it never once hurt anyone to have extra elbow room. But not doing so, has done the opposite.
not the police, but we do feel strongly about our marine adoptees we keep, right flamehawk?


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Fshhup- Message behind the tone should not be lost. Could have been said more diplomatically but needed to be said nonetheless.
Yes feel strongly about the critters we keep...good to see others do too!


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fish boy
I too like to keep the number and size of fish I keep in my 75 gallon tank to a minimum.
In my 75 I currently keep;
1 Clarkii clownfish
1 Yellowtail damsel
1 Banggai cardinal
1 Sixline wrasse
That's it - in addition to corals and cleanup crew.
Are you doing a FO, FOWLR or REEF tank ???