Your Favorite picture of your tank...(one please)


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I was thinking that this site could offer a post for the tank of the week. Just a thought.
Or possibly a thread dedicated to your favorite picture. Just one though or else the thread will be enormous. Ill start if off by putting my favorite pics, and just add on.
Good Fishing everyone,


well thats the wrong pic than i wanted cause the other one i deleted by accident lol so that will have to do


everyone's tanks look great. Can't wait to be proud of my tank. Love your tank MADD.


Originally Posted by inkman2004
Dru those are the biggest tube worms

The RTB on the right Just split, now I have two. :jumping:


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Mad1, I don't usually use this phrase, but here it goes....................................................
Your tank is THE BOMB!!! Has a very different look to it, nicely done.


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Those tanks look freakin great. Thanks for the props. (Fishmamma I thought you would like that phrase.) I cant wait to get my Digi cam back. I havent taken pics in a few weeks.
DRU what type of return is that? Is it drilled through the bottom or just below the sand? I dig it.
I cant believe how fast my new corals have grown. My frogspawn has since tripled. Got some new zoos, My Pulsing xenia is now two stalks. I took out alot of the macro and moved it downstairs(to the fuge) and I cant believe how fast my mushrooms have split. Dont know exactly what happened but Life is good life is good.
Let s see some more. I need some new ideas. This hobby is a never ending quest for the ultimate self sustaining ecosystem. Fun for all fun for all...