Your Photos..

Anyone got any photos of their Moray Eels or Lionfish?
I have a big intrest in these, and have seen most of the pics on the web, and most of the pics are of the fish in the wild, not in tanks..
So, if anyone has any pics of their Morays or Lions, please post them here...

beach bum

Here's a pair of my dwarfs that began their spawning behavior last night, or at least it's the first time I saw it. The male is on the left,

beach bum

You can see in the last pic how his pec fins turned almost all white, pretty cool, also he was swollen...ummm...downstairs..:D
This pic isn't so good, but it shows how they would swim to the surface together doing a little dance...
I believe that SFE is the only pic of one ive seen on here. Looks gorgeous, like mine!
Dwarf Fuzzys are a personal favourite lion, along with the Antenatta..but Volitans are also very nice. How big is that Volitan?
Also, what are the size of the Fuzzys? The fuzzys are great, i hope mine looks that good when i get him/her..
Great photos, keep em comin!
he is about a little over 2 feet long very cool eel , when it is feeding time he comes out and sits on top of the pump i have for my uv and grabs the krill out of my hand or chases the passing krill he is my favorite :D
How long have you had him?
Also, how thick is he?
He looks gorgeous..
Do you have any photos of him feeding that aren´t too blury?
he is about 2.5 inches wide , i,am sorry about the blurry pics i hope to update them maybe this weekend i,ll try to get him feeding , i have had him for about a year he eats so dam much ,lol :D


james, get out of that internet cafe and go enjoy yourself! youre in spain, and it wont last forever... worry about it when you get back :p