Zoa Fragger Thing, The FINAL Debate!


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took me awhile to get in on my g1 phone and its a bit late. I joined and clown logged lol. Anyway, I will sit in the room over night.
I would like to be back involved as I do not see my name on the list. If anyone could leave me a message in the chat room or pm me or even call 956-266-9640 I am east coat time zone.


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Hate to do it..........BUT....
After no communication from a grower, email and PM (after logging on NUMEROUS times after the PM was sent), I have to call out coraljunky
If there is any way you can get in contact with him, it would be greatly appreciated. The last time I spoke with him was Oct. 21. In the message he stated "Damn things won't grow!! I'll snap a pic tomorrow afternoon." He is the grower for the Candy Apple Redd's.
Not sure if they have died off or what the deal is, but he is ignoring me and I felt as the "leader" of this group, I needed to let you all know.


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Wow, that's a bummer man. I really hope he responds, I'd hate to loose out on one of our picks.