Zoa pox...blah


Well well well.. im currently in a battle with the lil devils.
i noticed them about a week ago, and been fighting them since.
fortunately i think im winning...i hope.
i made some frags of one of my orange colonies and a few days later noticed them on my frags.( which all melted away) i did FW and iodine dips that didn't do squat.
i then noticed them on my mean greens and tub blue colonies!!!(both about the size of a half dollar)
i was able to rip the main plug off the rocks they were on and pull off most the ones that have spread to it.
i tossed them in a bowl of cold RODI(i was to lazy to warm it up to the same temp as the tank.) and blasted them with a turkey baster super hard. i then scraped off each lil white bump with a razor blaze and blasted them with the water again. i then did a big water change.
i put them on my frag rack and its been about 2 days now and im not seeing any new bumps, and the zoas are opening up again.
..im hoping they all recover well.
noow my question is..where in the world did they come from!? and how do i prevent/ know if they're going to spread to my other zoas in the tank?? i have some expensive frags/zoas in my tank and don't want them to be eaten alive!!


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i havent heard of zoas really surviving from pox.
i just delt with them..

nudicranch i **think** cause them.
pox are raised bumps while nudi bites are not.
in order to win, cut off the parts of the colony that are infected.
googles zoa eating nudibranch for both pictures and info.
make sure to dip all of your zoas in fresh water for at least 5-10 min and check for nudi eggs!
i lost a lot of zoas to zoa pox and a nudi.


Furan-2 dip in a dish/cup of new saltwater (mixed to match display) for 15 minutes, then swish frag/colony in another dish/cup of tankwater to clean that off, then return to display. Repeat in 4-7 days if pox still showing signs of existence.
For pest treatment, dip in 1 gal. FW, with PH and temp adjusted to match tank and 4 drops Lugol's iodine, let sit for 3 minutes, then swish around to dislodge dead/dying pests, rinse in some tankwater, return to display.
Info borrowed from Weetabix7 on another reefing site. Hope it helps.