Zoas and palys for sale-- AOG, Blues, yellows and more


Hi everyone. I have some various zoas/palys for sale. Please take a look! All items are WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get.
Spend over 30 dollars to make shipping worth it for you and I.
Shipping is from 08853 and all corals have a FULL GUARANTEE! The shipping is up to you.
Feedback on SWF.com,
Armor of God zoas: 8-10 polyps ($50.00) VERY RED AND BRIGHT

Armor of god zoas: 10+ polyps (30.00) Color is diluted since it did not receive large amounts of light. Will return to normal color if given time.

Blue zoas: $20.00

Yellow stick polyps: $10.00

Bubble mushroom on a nice piece of rock: $15.00

Button polyps, 3 available: 1=$10 2=$8 3=$8