So I’ve had a brackish tank for about 4 years for my puffers (see image) and some unfortunate events led to them dying -_-. So I decided to convert to full salt. I got these zoas and they came out the first day or 2 when I got them. After I did a water change of about 20% they closed up. They’ve been closed for about 3 days. I put them in the sand bed and let the hermits clean them up and then peroxide dipped. I cut them off the plug today and glued them on. Crazy thing is they opened up when my nitrates were around 120-150 (due to puffers, and yes I know what I was doing.) and now they’re not showing me anything. Any ideas ? Besides levels, water flow, and lights? Need help asap, don’t want to lose them!



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I would suggest moving them as close to light and flow as you can. I have collected zoas from the wild many times. They grow on jetty rocks at my local inlet. They grow right below the surface of the water and are pummeled by crashing waves all day. Keep your chemistry stable and they should perk back up.