zoo mosaics

i got an idea, but i dont have the resources nor the knowledge of corals to do this. what if you had lots of zoos of different colors and fragged them into one polyp frags, then glued them onto a rock together to form a picture? would this work? if so would anyone with lots of zoos like to try it?


If you could get the zoos as single polyps it would/could work for a bit until they spread. I thought of doing something like this someday.


i dont know if it would work, but it sounds like an awesome idea. Id glue them to the back glass in my tank and make a giant smiley face if i had enough zoos
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Zoas grow at different rates also. Some may just overtake the others.
so if you trimmed it, and had enough zoos of different colors for it, it would work.
im really attatched to this idea. maybe when im older ill have enough and i could make something. i dont just mean like "hi" or something, but a legitimate work of art (maybe i could make a reef mural. you dont need sps, lps, or shrooms, you can just make em out of zoos. can't put a dragon eel with your reef? make it out of zoos.
theyre like coral legos.) along my lr and back/side glass.