algae bloom and ammonia levels

Discussion in 'Nano Tanks' started by aviator, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Looks like I finally have the algae bloom in my 24Gal. aquapod under control, the water is no longer green. It's just a very dilute white color. tells me the algae are finally dying off and will soon be filtered out/removed with water changes.
    My question is this, I'm monitoring ammonia closely. this morning, my first indication of ammonia appeared. tests show levels are at 0.2 now where they are normally non-existant in this tank.
    At what point do I need to start worrying about ammonia? right now, there are two clowns and a host of crabs and shrimp in the tank, but no corals or anemones.
    I'd like to see the tank re-cycle on it's own, but I don't want to endanger the inhabitants, is NOW the time to put an ammonia cartridge in the thank or should I keep watching and allow the ammonia to go through the nitrate/nitrite process?
    Currently, nitrites and nitrates are both undetectable in the tank. Here are full specs:
    Ph: 8.2
    temp: 79.9 - 80.4
    Nitrites: < .03 (test doesn't go any lower)
    nitrates: 0
    Phos: 0
    Ammonia .2
    sal 1.025
    I a currently cleaning filters every other day and have a HUGE bag of carbon supplimenting the blue foam filters.
    Water is no longer green, but is white, thanks to bio-Magnetic clarifier.
    I have now done two 90% water changes in the last week and will curtail back to 15% weekly now. I have also replaced both CF lights in the last day to ensure I have good, lighting.
    Lights are currently on for 6 hours, off for the rest.
    I am feeding 1/2 of a cube of a variety pack of frozen food every other day.
    2 false perc clowns
    1 large reg legged crab
    2 small red leg crabs
    1 large turbo snail
    1 emerald crab
    1 pistol shrimp
    2 nassarus(sp) snails
    1 sandsifting starfish
    30 lbs of live rock with lots of purple coraline algea
    1 koralia nano for mid-tank movement
    using the internal return from the pump to agitate surface and provide movement behind rock.
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    For the Alge i would cut the light time off for a bit and get a turbo snail or 2... Then for the Ammonia i wouldnt feed for a day or 2. I would also maybe get some sort of Ammonia removal media..
    Good luck and keep us posted

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