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Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by topofsteel, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. topofsteel

    topofsteel New Member

    Part of my sand bed has turned bright green. It actually don't look that bad but I'm guessing it's not a good thing. There isn't any noticeable 'growth' it looks like the sand has actually turned green. Does anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it?
  2. mandarin w

    mandarin w New Member

    I would think your phosphates are high, did you use RO/DI water in the tank, or did you use tap.? How long has to tank been set up? I would think a good water change and put your powerheads so they flow over the area effected might ward off potintial problems.
  3. topofsteel

    topofsteel New Member

    I use RO water and the tank has been set up for 4 months. My test kit only checks for Ammonia, pH, Nitrate and Nitrite. Can I get just a phosphate test? And are they really important? I don't have powerheads, can you recommend any. 55 gallon FOWLR, thanks.
  4. fgcu14

    fgcu14 New Member

    I'm having a similar problem however my sand is turning a purpleish color, and it has also been set up for aprox 4 months now.
  5. n2theblue

    n2theblue New Member

    A couple of power heads can really help to keep algae/cyano from accumulating on the sand bed. There are a bunch of differnet brands of power heads, but I prefer the maxi-jet ones. They are very cheap (around $20 depending on the size) and put up with a ton of abuse. Just toss them in and stick them to the glass and then play around aiming them so you get lots of flow without making a sandstorm. The added flow helps keep all the detrius in the tank suspended in the water column so that it can be pulled out by your filtration rather than accumulating on your rocks and sandbed.
  6. n2theblue

    n2theblue New Member

    Also, you can purchase a phosphate test kit. I use the Sailfert brand.
  7. rslinger

    rslinger New Member

    purple and bright green hmmmm.....maybe coralline

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