GARLIC !? How do you do it ??

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by weatherman, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. weatherman

    weatherman New Member

    Perhaps a silly question to ask, but I'm not sure how to go about feeding it to my fish. I have a large reef tank with a few (large) tangs and a Angel fish.
    A lot of people on these threads talk about how they 'soak' garlic into the food they feed the fish..... I have 2 questions:
    1. I use a lot of frozen food, then thawed in a small glass of aquarium water, and then feed some of it to the fish. How is garlic introduced this way into the mixing? Are you using liquid type garlic, garlic leaves, or what? I'm a little confused and would love to try it. From all the threads I've read, it seems to keep the fish 'fairly healthy' too!
    2. In a reef tank, would garlic do any damage to the corals, live rock, water quality, etc....
    But, basically, I would just like to know how you're 'mixing' into the food....especially if you're like me and using a lot of frozen stuff?
    Thanks for any comments....
  2. coachklm

    coachklm New Member

    go look for a product in the LFS called "garlic extreme"
  3. sepulatian

    sepulatian Moderator Staff Member

    Originally Posted by coachKLM
    go look for a product in the LFS called "garlic extreme"
    Actually, bottled garlic losses it's medicinal purposes. This is from Beth's thread (common treatments) in the disease and treatment forum on making your own garlic:
    It is important not to use a processed product: bottled garlic. Instead, the hobbyist should use fresh garlic as identified below. [You need only buy a single garlic glove at a time, not bunches.]
    Snap a single glove off of the bud. Peel off the skin. Using a non-porous container, such as a glass or Pyrex dish, and a sharp knife, mince and smash the glove, preserving the juice. Once finely minced and smashed, and the juices have been released from the garlic, quickly add meaty foods, such as fresh homemade fish food, or high-quality frozen fish foods. Lightly mix the food in with the garlic so that the food is saturated, but not swimming in garlic juice. Cover your container, and place the mixture in the refrigerator for 5 mins.
    Feed your fish, preferably using a syringe or a turkey baster to ensure that fish receives the garlic supplemented food. You can add a small bit of sea water to this mixture to get the mixture into your delivery syringe.
    This should be done 3x a day if you are using garlic medicinally.
  4. reefreak29

    reefreak29 New Member

    Originally Posted by coachKLM
    go look for a product in the LFS called "garlic extreme"
    i agree, the one time i had ick garlic extreme took care of it in a few days
  5. coachklm

    coachklm New Member

    thanks for the information... i learn something new today........ woohoo...
    but IME garlic extreme has worked for many.. but I am Switching to fresh now that I know..
  6. weatherman

    weatherman New Member

    Anybody thought of using a food processor....getting several garlic 'pods'....and 'squeezing' the juice out this way? I was thinking about the "Mr. Juicer" I have and trying that. It sure squeezes the hell out of everything else, fruit or vegetable, you put in!! And the pulp goes into another container which you wouldn't need...for the fish anyway...
    Take the juice extract and then refrigerate it. I wonder if it would keep for a long period and is this better than the 'Garlic Extreme?'
    Just curious.....
  7. weatherman

    weatherman New Member

    Yes, it does appear that Garlic DOES work with ich. At least in my situation anyway. Yea, I KNOW ITS NOT A CURE AND DOES NOT GET RID OF IT, but it sure seems to help.
    I've had ich on 3 seperate situations, and within a week (or two) the ich is off the fish. They continue to eat like pigs and have never been 'not hungry.'
    I know....I know...I still have it in the tank and QT the fish and proper procedures are necessary to 'completely' get rid of it, but to ME, garlic does work! My coral reef tank has never looked better. I have lost 0 fish in over 6 months. (pretty good considering the ich is still in the tank?)

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