Has anyone used Ich Attack by Kordon (AquaHerbals)

Discussion in 'Fish Disease & Treatment' started by sullbra, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. sullbra

    sullbra New Member

    I'm using it to cure ich in a reef. My neon gobies have ich, but no one else does.
    Any body know if it works?
  2. clint_reno

    clint_reno New Member

    I would be very cautious in adding any medications to a display tank, especially a reef tank. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to treat ick with any kind of medication.
    I had ick hit my FO tank, and the only thing that stopped it was a hypo. They do work. And after this experience I went out and bought a second tank as a QT.
    Ick is a parasite that requires a fish to live, although part of that time is spent away from the fish. The only way to rid a tank of ick is to break the cycle. (The only medication that is really efficient is copper, which is also bad for fish, and deadly for inverts!)
    Inverts also can't survive a hypo. Do you see where I am going with this?
    Just because one or two of your fish have ick does not mean rest of the tank is okay.
    And if you have inverts, you can't do a hypo.
    To really get rid of it, you are going to need a second tank.
  3. petem

    petem New Member

    My QT is allready at 1.011. Is it okay to put my Kole tang in there if he's coming right out of my main tank which is at 1.023? Or Do I need to raise the SG in the QT and then once he's in there, lower the SG?

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