How many fish in 75 gallon?

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by ricky1066, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. ricky1066

    ricky1066 New Member

    hello I am wondering how many fish are good to have in a 75gallon I have so far
    1 clown
    1 flaming Angel
    3 cardinals
    5 turbo snails
    12 red legged hermit carbs
    I am looking to add some more but not sure if I should?
  2. sepulatian

    sepulatian Moderator Staff Member

    You can add more. How many depends on what fish you are looking to get. Allow at least three weeks between fish purchases. Only get one fish at a time unless it is a pair.
  3. brandon7491

    brandon7491 New Member

    this is what i would do if i had a 75, also this is the order i would put them in
    pair of true percs
    1 watchman goby with pistol shrimp
    1 flame angle
    1 purple tang
    1 6 line wrasse
  4. jman72

    jman72 New Member

    I also have a 75 gallon tank and I have a goby pistol shrimp pair, a coral beauty angel, a yellow-eye kole tang, a black and white false perc. I had a neon goby, but he was eaten by an Aiptasia, which I took care of...
  5. saltman23

    saltman23 Guest

    i have a 75 gallon with
    yellow tang
    maroon clown
    naso tang
    flame angel
  6. muggiwhplar

    muggiwhplar New Member

    What did you want to add, and what do you have as far as filtration?
  7. dragonzim

    dragonzim Active Member

    Originally Posted by Saltman23

    i have a 75 gallon with
    yellow tang
    maroon clown
    naso tang
    flame angel
    A Naso should not be in a 75, please do not recommend to others to put one in theirs.
  8. sparry67

    sparry67 New Member

    Do the tangs and flame angel get along? I have a 75 gallon with
    flame angel
    yellow tang
    yellow goby
    2 false clowns
    bonzai cardinal
    blue damsel
    I was wanting to complete my tank with a blue hippo tang, would this work?

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