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Pink Algae taking over tank

Discussion in 'Marine Plants and Macroalgae' started by stealth hippo, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. stealth hippo

    stealth hippo New Member

    55g Tank been up for 8ish months now. I have a pink algae that's taking over the floor. appeared to start where my anemones were and is continuously spreading. if i scoop up it grows back. Anyone know what it is and what's the best way to clean sand?

  2. btldreef

    btldreef Moderator Staff Member

    Cyano algae
    can you post your water parameters? What fish do you have, what do you feed, what kind of clean up crew?
    These answers will help me and any one else determine the best way you should get rid of it
  3. meowzer

    meowzer Moderator Staff Member

    +1 on the cyano....also what type of flow do you have (powerheads)?
  4. stealth hippo

    stealth hippo New Member

    Water parameters unavailable at this moment... use neighbors water test kit and its 11:30 pm here so kinda late to bother him. Had it tesedt bout a week ago everything was in range. Fish include (1) Sand Flounder (2) Engineer Goby's (2) Maroon Clowns and (2) Haitian Anemones. Clean up crew consists of 1 snail..... Slacking on that part i know but almost everything I can't get because of the flounder... I think, I could be wrong though. I feed them frozen brine shrimp once every 2 days.
  5. stealth hippo

    stealth hippo New Member

    Powerheads could also be my issue. currently just have the dual waterfall 400gph i believe. not sure on specs. and a dumb little bubbler on the other side.
  6. stealth hippo

    stealth hippo New Member

    Also, is it harmful or can it become harmful?
  7. meowzer

    meowzer Moderator Staff Member

    IMO you should get rid of the bubbler and get a couple of powerheads.....Like Koralias....
    I know nothing about flounders.....do they eat snails?? If you can not have a cuc (clean up crew) you need to do manual maintenance on your sand and stuff...
    In the search....type in cyano.....you will get lots and lots of info
  8. stealth hippo

    stealth hippo New Member

    Yeah that will be my next investment... Bubbler is old and terrible looking
    I've been told they will eat nearly all inverts... Snails being an option as it has not eaten my one. Would more snails clean the sand or just the walls/objects?
    And if I were to do it manually whats the best approach at cleaning sand... I've just been scooping and sifting the sand through the net and letting the junk stay in the net. Am I doing the stone age way or is this normal?
    And thanks for the info heads up, will be researching it dearly.
    Thanks, Eric
  9. eric b 125

    eric b 125 Guest

    eric, welcome to swf.com! i would get rid of the flounder if i were you. they tend to starve in most aquariums and get way too big for a 55

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