Rock lowering PH?

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by jmbr0828, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. jmbr0828

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    Hey all, I recently purchased some lace rock and some big pieces of brownish red lava rock to try to get a good base for my live rock. I have been fighting low PH for about a week now. I was wondering if lava rock will lower the PH of the tank? It hasn't been really drastic, but seems to drop from 8.4, which id where I'd like it, to about 8.1 in about two days. I test about noon everyday, and have been adding Aquavitro balance to raise PH. My fish don't seem to mind it, but my corals sure do. At 8.4, the corals seem to open up really well, and at 8.1 they seem to close up, and look crappy.
    What PH is ideal for softies?
    Will the lava rock hurt my tank?
    Also, my Umbrella leather has been closed up for about two days, and now seems to be getting the "saran wrap" look to it. I have heard this is normal, but its kinda scary. And is it molting, getting bigger, shedding?
    Any advise on what to do? I have a koralia PH with a 1050pgh flow rating about 6 inches above it, pointing towards the top. Should I give the coral more flow, less flow, what?
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    The only suggestions i can give would be to stop dosing, just watch it. It will take care of itself. imo it just needs to be 8.0 to 8.4....ur coral will acclimate and ur tank will stabilize itself, you shouldnt be dosing it everyday or nothing will balance or stay the same u know wat i mean....this is jmo though.
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    i dont know if i could blame the ph causing your corals to look unhappy.
    most lava rock out there is a silica based rock with heavy metals in it. these metals could be leeching into your tank if the composition of the pieces you added contains metals. there are carbonate lava rock but its supposedly rare.

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