white spots in tank... parasite?

Discussion in 'Fish Disease & Treatment' started by jakenerica3910, Nov 1, 2010.

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    My husband and i are new to the hobby and started our tank about 3 months ago. we got 2 clownfish to start wih since we were told they very hardy fish and we hadn't established our tank for very long. after only a day or so we noticed white dots on the fish and told a guy at the local pet store and he gave us Mardel Marcacyn medicine to treat them and it seemed to work because the spots went away. then we got some crabs an sea snails and an anemone and by the next day the clowns had spots again.. this time it seemed more aggresive. i went back to the petstore and they gave me a product called NO-ICK because it was safe for invertebrates. we started using that and the fish just kept getting worse and both died within days.. we kept treating the tank just in case to try and get rid of whatever was in there. there was and still is white spots on the glass that seem to be stuck on there and we were looking close today and there are thousands of smaller white things that are moving along the glass as well as slightly bigger whit spots that are still. is this marine velvet or ich? and if so what would be the easiest and safest way to treat it? the anemone and snails and crabs are still fine, im not even sure if they are even effected by these things like fish are. we don't have any other tanks like a hospital tank or anything yet so removing them from the tank isn't gonna work for us unless its absolutely necessary. please help! thanks for taking your time to read this and for ny answers/advice you can give!
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    Welcome to SWF.com. Sounds like your fish had ick, but without pics it is only speculation. The little spots that are moving on the glass are probably copepods, but once again we need pics to be sure. Since your fish seemed to of had ick, it is best to leave the tank empty "fishless" for atleast 6 weeks. It is always a good idea to quarantine new fish for this very reason. Ick is treated with copper or hyposalinity. No Ick, etc. is junk. The reason the spots disappeared is probably due to the life cycle of the ick, which also explains why it came back. Look at the links that Beth has put on this site under fish diseases, it will explain it better. As far as the little white dots that dont move, get us a pic....hope that helps.....
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    thank you very much. that does help i will try to get a pic.. i dont know if my camera will pick it up cause its really small, but i will try thank you again.
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    The things you see on your tank have nothing to do with what your fish had, which was likely either Cryptocarion (Ick) or Brooklynella (AKA Clownfish Disease).
    The motile white critters on your tank are either copepods, Munnid isopods, or both. The sessile critters could be Spirorbid fanworms.



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