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Discussion in ' Photography Contest' started by candaceswf, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. candaceswf

    candaceswf Administrator

    One of the best parts of a saltwater aquarium is that you get to keep coral! People who do not keep tanks generally think the coral is a plant... :confused:

    Then we have to explain that these are animals, it is a living creature just like the fish and inverts that surround it! SO, all of you (and I know there's alot of you) who have coral, and dedicate so much of your time to keep these animals alive, show us the coral in your tank!!

    ONE winner will be chosen on Tuesday. The winner will receive a $20 Gift Certificate for their next purchase!
  2. bang guy

    bang guy Administrator Staff Member

    I'll prime the pump. I know there are some outstanding corals out there.

  3. 1guydude

    1guydude Well-Known Member

    I'll keep her goin
  4. trigger40

    trigger40 Well-Known Member

    here have a trigger.
  5. gemmy

    gemmy Active Member

  6. candaceswf

    candaceswf Administrator

    WOW That's an amazing closed brain coral!! Let's keep them coming!
  7. candaceswf

    candaceswf Administrator

    Thank you for your participation!! Be on the look out for more contests coming soon!
  8. trigger40

    trigger40 Well-Known Member

    when is the next contest? can it be a trigger fish contest? :D
  9. candaceswf

    candaceswf Administrator

    I'll see if we can get another contest going this week. I like to do it so that many people can participate, there's not a ton of people who have triggers, but I'll see what I can do :)
  10. flower

    flower Well-Known Member

    I love these contests, we get to see what the folks on this site have been able to keep... LOL... if Siptang posts pics of his reef, nobody besides Bang Guy has a chance.
  11. trigger40

    trigger40 Well-Known Member

    thank you!
  12. steelgluer

    steelgluer Member

  13. steelgluer

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