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  • Hey, can you refresh my memory on where the "husbandry" (sorry if spelling is incorrect) is located. (Starting from the beginning) thanks
    bang guy after reading some Clownfish larvae forums, I believe you might be able to answer my questions. My questions are when I add my rotifers to my larvae tank should I be using the green water I pulled from my rotifer culture? How many days should I be keeping the light on 24/7?

    I think that's a terrible idea. Why would you not wait until your new system is running and stable, like May or June.
    Emperor angel: can I get a young emperor angel and him not eat my coral I have a 75 gal tank and up grading to 150 in feb still new to the saltwater world but quickly relized my 75 gal is not quite big enouf
    Hi, having trouble with my password and I've messaged you before. I wonder if you could help me figure out my CUC's. I've bought several but it seems the crabs eat the snails? Whats a good combo and do you guys (SWF) carry any? Thanks
    The best way to get rid if Ick without a hospital tank is to give all of your fish away and start over in a couple months.
    :-( I have ideas about it and I have battled with this in the past but what is the best way to get rid of ick without a quarantine tank set up?
    Bang Guy... There is a payday loan spam on the site this morning, things were much easier when I had a little flag to let the moderators know of problems. Sorry to have to keep bothering you, I'm not sure who else to contact.

    The little red flag is gone...How do we report a suspected troll? I want Dale Huy looked into who has posted several threads called How to maintain optimal water quality... it's actually just a link to someplace else, and it appears several times.
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