Mad toadstool

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We got this toadstool about a week ago and it had a tiny bit of rubble attached, it if course let go of it and we rubber banded it to some live rock... It's kinda choked off midstem and it hasn't come out much... Is it okay and just needs to get used to its new spot? It's only been there today... Will the rubber and kill it? Any other suggestions seeing as there is nothing to attach it to seeing as its just a stem now?
Does the rubber band go over it?
I have always stuck mine in a crevice or a hole in the rocks and it has attached fairly quick
best thing to do is not move it or mess with it too much....and make sure it is in a light flow....
Rubber band is over stem only.... No holes in rock work for it :( keeps falling out. It seems to need assistance getting a place that sticking it won't do