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  • hello, I'm having a problem with my sump putting in water into my tank but not receiving any back. I have filled it up to the recommended level but it just gets drained into the tank and doesn't flow back into the sump. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I have recently started a saltwater tank, I set it up for two weeks then bought me a starfish and sea urchin, I found my star fish dead today and my urchins spikes are falling off, I have tested the water its a 20 gal tank, is it because of the new tank
    I am new at this.. My nitrate level always seems a little high.. even though I'm doing my water 10% changes. what can I do?
    They Meowzer. So I come on to the site and all the changes? How do I get off this new member thing?
    Someone please throw me a freakin bone here. Lol
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