New LTA, wondering if foot looks damaged

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  1. yoyosponge

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    Hey guys! First post on swf.
    SO I purchased a gorgeous LTA from my local fish store yesterday. I asked very specifically for the guy to be careful with the foot. He managed to get the anem out of the display tank surprisingly fast. When I looked at it, the foot looked intact so i purchased it. Got it home, dug a little hole in the sand for him to settle in after acclimation and he seemed fine.
    This morning, i guess the current shifted a little bit as i was doing stuff in the tank and the LTA ended up rolling out of his hole, so I worked him into a corner and set up some little stones so he wouldn't blow around.
    I'm posting a photo of a white spot on his foot that I'm concerned about. Overall do you guys think this is a healthy foot?

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  2. lmforbis

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    Looks intact to me. Nems will find their own happy place.
  3. yoyosponge

    yoyosponge New Member

    Getting a good feeding response from him today so keeping high hopes! Thanks for the response Imforbis!

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